The Grian Empire: Edit

The Grian empire was formed by Grian in the early days of the server. It first was started far off Spawn in Grian's train station. It later began its expansion not to much later.

The Empire's Expansion: Edit

After the train station Grian was set on what to do, he began construction on his underwater base. It broke the laws of minecraft, and was soon targeted by the Property Police.

The Finished Base: Edit

Grian finally finished his base much, much later. It is now complete with a spawn nether portal connection, a mob farm, Grian's explosive testing area for his prank projects, and his castle, which is the HQ of the empire.

Taurtis Edit

Since Episode 2 Grian had a Taurtis Summoning Station for summoning Taurtis. In Evolution SMP episode 13 (Grian) Taurtis joined the server and became the first Evo Recruit.

Downtown Evo; The Front of the Empire. Edit

Grian and SystemZee began construction on one of the largest evolution projects to date; Downtown Evolution. It was a large upscale project that led to his idea. He had left behind the old empire base during the construction, so he made downtown evo his front for the Grian Empire.

The Secrets in the City: Edit

Grian first began with a not-so secret railway to the Empire's old base. Then, he began constructing his secret base.

Happenings in the Empire: Edit

There are things happening in downtown evo that have nothing to do with the Grian Empire. For example, Zee has begun the construction of the Mafia United there in downtown. There is a possibility of it being in the central park, and Grian soon might discover that there's a rat in his empire. Also, Solidarity did a livestream where he began construction on his secret base in the top floor of the Grian Empire Agency. This was quickly discovered by Grian and was taken down, as well as all of Solidarity's health in the incident.